True Blood's Sam Trammell Cast in The Details

Stars of the HBO series True Blood have been getting a lot of work recently. First Deborah Ann Woll, then Stephen Moyer, and now Sam Trammell has got a film gig. If you’re not an avid viewer of the show, Trammell’s character is a shape shifting bar owner. It sounds weird off the cuff, but in their world it’s normal. According to Empire, his next role will have him starring opposite Laura LinneyTobey Maguire and Elizabeth Banks in the indie comedy The Details.

The story for The Details centers on modern relationships and “a couple’s disagreement over how to handle a raccoon infestation.” It is entirely too easy to make a joke about Sam transforming into an animal to help them out with this situation. Originally James McAvoy and Anna Friel were in talks to star in the film, but both actors dropped out. At this point Maguire or Trammell will fill in for McAvoy’s role.

The Details will be directed by Jacob Estes, who also wrote the film’s screenplay. It’s good to see Trammell getting more feature film work. The actor has an extensive history on the stage, and even earned a Tony nomination for his performance in the play Ah, Wilderness! Even with so many prestigious accolades, we can’t forget the biggest one of them all, the appearance he made in a little sci-fi film called Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. I had to go there.

What do you think of Sam Trammell being cast in The Details?