The beatles join disney for yellow submarine

Last month we reported that award winning director Robert Zemeckis was teaming up with Disney Studios for a remake of the 1968 classic, Yellow Submarine. The film is best known for its psychedelic visuals and classic soundtrack infused with original songs from The Beatles. With the remake officially underway, many wondered how the remaining members of the band would react to the use of their music in the new feature.

According to an official press release, Apple Corps Ltd will join forces with Disney Studios to produce the remake of the film, which was originally directed by George Dunning. Apple Corps was founded by The Beatles in 1968 to look after the group’s own affairs. The London-based company has administered the catalogue of The Beatles releases of the 1960s that have sold to date more than 600 million records, tapes and CDs.

According to the company’s CEO Jeff Jones, Disney has the full cooperation of Apple Corps when it comes to using the band’s music.

“With The Beatles and Walt Disney Studios, we have a partnership between two of the best loved creative entities in the world.  We’re very excited about the magical fantasy that will result from this collaboration.  The marriage of the music of The Beatles with the talent and technical wizardry of Robert Zemeckis and ImageMovers Digital should produce something very special.  We look forward to working with Bob and his team on realising his new vision for Yellow Submarine.”

There you have it die hard Beatles fans. The studio has been given the go ahead from The Beatles handlers to use their music in the film. How do you feel about that?

How do you feel about Disney remaking Yellow Submarine?