Josh Hartnett Cast in Gunslinger

Where has Josh Hartnett been hiding? The actor has starred in several films in the past few years, but none of them have been anywhere near as big as Black Hawk Down or dare I say it…Pearl Harbor? According to Variety, the actor has signed on to star in an upcoming futuristic western entitled Gunslinger. The film will be directed by Chris Nahon, who previously helmed Blood: The Last Vampire.

According to the trade, Gunslinger is a revenge tale about a man who, along with his brother, sets out to kill the gang who murdered their parents. According to one of the film’s producers Mark Williams, “This story takes a unique and startling look at what might happen when the lawlessness of the Old West returns … but with better weapons.” The film is set some time in the near future so instead of shot guns they’ll be using semi-automatic weapons, with infrared beams and silencers.

Production is scheduled to begin in Canada sometime early next year. My hope is that this develops into a badass action movie that brings Hartnett back to where he used to be. Remember the time from 2001 – 2003, when he was such a hot commodity? What happened? It’s not like he’s a horrible actor, so where did his spark go?

What do you think of Josh Hartnett joining Gunslinger?