Jeff bridges True Grit

Oscar nominted actor Jeff Bridges may be re-teaming with The Big Lebowski directors, the Coen Brothers for their upcoming True Grit remake. According to Variety, the actor is in talks to star in the lead role of the Coen’s take on the historic western. The original 1969 film featured John Wayne as the main character and earned him his first Academy Award. Could this be the part that finally brings Bridges his Oscar gold?

In the original version of True Grit, the story centered on a U.S. Marshal, his sidekick, and a 14 year old girl who tags along as they try and track down her father’s killer. The story’s point of view was taken from that of Marshall “Rooster” Cogburn, while the Coen’s remake we will follow the vantage point of the young girl. The new film will be produced by Scott Rudin, who also worked with the directors on No Country For Old Men.

According to the Coens, their draft of the story will be a lot closer to the Charles Portis novel that the original film was based on. When news spread that this remake was happening, I wasn’t sure who they could get to star as the lead. Now that Bridges name has popped up, he seems like the obvious choice. That man can do comedy, drama, action, even a musical when thrown at him. Hopefully this deal goes through, and we’ll get to see the actor don the infamous eye-patch.

Do you think Jeff Bridges is the right actor to star in the remake of True Grit?