Wall Street 2 - Oliver Stone, Frank Langella, Shia Labeouf

A few images have emerged from the New York production of Oliver Stone‘s highly anticipated sequel, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. We were lucky enough to find a few photos of stars Shia Labeouf and Frank Langella on set, with Stone giving them some insightful direction. Labeouf is dressed to the nines in modern business attire, while Langella looks like he escaped from a mental institution. Seriously…

Check out all three in action, while filming a couple of scenes in the park…

Apparently Shia is showing the world that he isn’t a kid anymore. Do you see how sharp the creases are in that guys slacks? His character means business. Over at Joblo they got a tip from a spectator who had this to say about one of the scenes being filmed.

“In one scene, Langella looked like he’d just escaped from an asylum, wearing blue pajamas under a rumpled trench coat. In another, Stone appeared to be giving Langella intense direction on how to walk a pack of King Charles spaniels.”

In the film Langella is supposed to be Labouf’s mentor, but perhaps something happens within the company that he tries to blow the whistle on, but no one believes him? From that point they could say he’s crazy and have him committed to a mental institution which opens the door for Gordon Gekko. That’s just my theory, but it would be a nice reintroduction to the classic character. What do you think?

What do you think of the first set photos from Wall Street 2?

Photos courtesy of Accidental Sexiness.