Eli Roth may be known for his heavy participation in violent films, but the Inglorious Basterds star believes violence should stay in a place where it’s all make-believe — the movie screen.

The “Splat Pack” icon is putting his quirky sense of humor to good use to put an end to animal cruelty in a PETA public service announcement. Roth both directed and stars in the PSA, which launched yesterday on MySpace.

Take a look at the video below.

No one expected the Hostel director to speak out against violence, but Roth was actually eager to lend his voice to PETA’s campaign.

“I have been forever linked with violence in movies, and that’s OK, ’cause to me it was all make-believe. and I always thought, no matter what I am doing on a movie set, there is nothing worse than what’s going on in the real world. I mean, people do horrible things to animals,” said Roth in an exclusive PETA interview which can be viewed on PETA’s blog site.

Roth also talked about his upcoming project, a sci-fi action film called Endangered Species. Is it another gory project, or has Roth left the the horror behind for a more compassionate take on life? While Roth didn’t reveal any huge details he did mention that, “PETA supporters [would] certainly enjoy it.”

What do you think of Eli Roth’s public announcement to stop animal violence?