Edward Norton Training for Charity

Not only is Edward Norton a talented actor but he’s an overall nice guy. The Oscar nominated actor has recently taken on a huge responsibility for a very good cause. Norton is in the midst of training for the New York Marathon, as a means to raise money for conservation. The actor has been a longtime environmental and social activist and this is one of many ways of him promoting funds for various charities.

Norton will run the NY Marathon alongside three members of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, a Kenya-based conservation organization. The event takes place on November 1st, and the Maasai group are trying to gain support through various organizations to sponsor the 30 activists that Norton will lead during the run.

Norton helped create the U.S. non-profit partner of the organization and serves as President of the organization’s Board.  It will be the first marathon for Norton and his Maasai teammates, most of whom have never traveled away from their community in southern Kenya. The campaign will raise funds for the Trust’s programs in conservation, education and health care as part of its mission to promote conservation and sustainable economic development.

Here’s Norton’s outlook on running for the charity during the event.

“Their approach to conservation is a model for the kind of partnerships we need to forge if we’re going to solve the puzzle of being human but living sustainably within our environment.  We came up with the idea of raising funds by fielding a team of runners because the Maasai are born runners, runners as a matter of culture and heritage.  I’ve never run a marathon before and the difficulty of it is both intimidating and motivating, especially when it’s for a cause like this, and having RMJM and AECOM on board on this initiative is incredibly exciting ­­­– like a turbo-booster on our efforts.”

For more info on the event and how you can raise awareness on conservation visit maasaimarathon.com

What do you think of Edward Norton’s run for a good cause?

Image courtesy of JustJared