D23: Tron Presentation

Just came out of the Tron Legacy presentation at D23. As you can see from the above photo I had a front row seat for the event. Below are some photos (most of which they premiered at Comic-Con) and some details from an interview/panel with the original writer/director Steven Lisberger who is now the producer on the new film, joined with the new Tron Legacy producer, Sean Bailey.

We’ve just snapped some photos from the presentation that includes footage of the Light Cycle, and the infamous Disc game…

Movie Details:

  • Actor Jeff Bridges appears in the film as two version of his character. One is him in present day and the other is him at 30 years-old thanks to the technology used in Benjamin Button.
  • They wouldn’t give up the goods on Flynn, his past, or his future. What gives?
  • In terms of major real life events, it appears that they will be tied into something in the system, but not necessarily in the way that we know them. Begin speculation…
  • Steven Lisberger also alluded to the fact that not only did Jeff Bridges get into the zone by playing video games, he also used another little something to get him in the “zone”… Nudge nudge. Wink, wink.
  • Lisberger also said that from the moment he met Jeff Bridges, he was “The Dude” and after the first gig asked “well did I get the gig or not?” And before talking to anyone he hired him on the spot.

Check out our one on ones interviews with the original writer/director of Tron, Lisberger and the producer of the new film Sean Baily, as well as videos from the interview. Check the first of five videos from the Tron presentation below…