Alice in Wonderland logo Tim Burton

Sadly, there was not too much new information on the Tim Burton front at D23. He talked a little bit about why he was interested in taking on Alice in Wonderland.

He managed to dis Disney to the Chairman’s face and in front of a Disney audience by saying that the reason he wanted to make the film is because, “I never saw one… I know you already made one… that did justice to the material.”

As far as him doing something new with the material, apparently despite what Cook was saying, there’s “nothing new, just mixing it so that is feel like something new.”

As for the teaser trailer, there was a tiny bit of an alteration to the beginning (I think), but nothing new from what we have posted on the site and from what we saw at Comic-Con.

As for Frankenweenie, he confirmed that it would be done using stop-frame animation, that it would expand on the short, and will be released on 20122. But that’s about all for now!