Not only did Pepe, the Shrimp Muppet come out and sing a song, but he brought the whole gang, Piggy, Kermet and all out for a song on the Mark Twain boat.

First Pepe kicked Dick Cook off the stage by saying “go greenlight something.” They then sang a song and with the audience clapping along and at the end, the two muppet critics, Statler and Waldorf came on and asked for “Grumpy to come back” and Cook took the stage again to announce that The Muppet movie will be happening!

The movie will be titled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever.

The idea is not new. The concept for the film started in 1985 with Jim Henson. The idea was that Gonzo gets money to make a movie, blows all the money and then has to make the film without any money.

They haven’t announced a release date, but we’ll keep you updated!