Just finishing up the day at D23 and after an interesting Tron presentation (which we posted photos and news from) I got to sit down to a one on one with the producer of the latest Tron, Sean Bailey and talk to him about the film such as, how technology enhanced the story, a few things about what we can look forward to in the film, the possibility of MORE TRON, some news on Beau Garret’s role and her torturous outfit, and using Jeff Bridges for the next 100 years!

Check it out now…

The story obviously has to do with technology, so now that technology is so much more advanced than it was in the original, how much further are you able to go with the story of this film?

I think that we were able to do some new stuff with story. The technology informs story, but the story is also a story about technology. We had this interesting dilemma, those guys said something very before their time in 1982, what if you could go live this virtual kind of life. And it’s a very dangerous thing to play to say, “how can we be that far ahead of our time?” So we thought, let’s look at all the tools available to us, let’s look at this father/son story and let’s let the technology inform the narrative and take us where it wants to. So we were able to pull some new twists and turns in our plot, due to the technological tricks we could play.

One of the characters that we haven’t heard very much about is Beau Garrett, whose character we don’t know much about. What can you tell us?

Beau’s amazing. Beau plays a pretty consequential character inside the world of Tron, and has one of the most insanely difficult wardrobe, get-ups. She was in wardrobe 7-8 hours a day. It was tortuous. I’ve never seen anything like it. And when it came time to be her character she brought a lot to the role.

Could this keep getting remade with new technology?

I think Tron and technology do share this very interesting relationship. Technology has been pioneered to make these movies and this movie has predicted some technology. We certainly think there’s a huge universe here, but we’ve put everything we got into this movie, so no one has the hubris to say that we could make more, but there’s certainly the opportunity to do it. Tron is a great name to come back to keep saying how do we keep pushing the envelop further and further. When we talked about it being in 3-D and did want want to use this new technology, the studio was so receptive. It’s Tron, lets push it.

You only have Jeff Bridges for a certain amount of time…

He’s a young healthy active minded guy and we have him digitally scanned now! (laughs)

So you can just keep on using him in 100 years!

He’s just hysterical. He’s done this long enough he takes it dead serious. So everyone better show up to play, but if we’re there. let’s play!

What’s it like to have so much hype so early?

There’s a lot of pressure and we’re excited. Comic-Con was a big test. We thought, we’re going to take this test footage to Comic-Con and we got such an amazing response, and those people down at San Diego in Hall H were a critical part of why this movie is being made. We weren’t sure we were going to get this movie made. In a weird way, they really helped the movie get made. I have a big debt of gratitude to them. You feel not only like, wow there’s an audience here who is really invested and really cares, so we better get this right. But also feel like they’re really with you and really want you to succeed.

So that’s what we got for now!