For some reason, Nicholas Cage decided to take the opportunity to step on stage before they screened a clip for The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to talk about how he likes to make films for the children because of 9/11. I realize the date and I realize it’s importance, but I’m not quite sure how it was relevant?

His message, however well intentioned, did not make it across to the audience. When asked about producing and acting in the film he said:

A day like September 11th kind of puts into focus everything that I want to accomplish… I make films for the children. When times get tough it is increasingly important that we put a smile on faces all over world and entertain the entire family and I think that’s what the Sorcer’s Apprentice was all about.

Sweet, kind of. Forced, ABSOLUTELY.

Leave the salesman speech’s to Jerry Bruckheimer, who had already stepped out and gave his standard “there will be action, romance and comedy” line for Prince of Persia, and so everything about The Sorcer’s Apprentice just seemed wrong.

Then for some reason Cook decided to ask Cage a question, “I don’t want to embarrass you, but would you want to do another National Treasure film.” To which Cage smiled, didn’t answer, and then they just stopped. You can’t tell me that was a SURPRISE! What the hell was that?

Then they started the clip which looked kind of like Push mixed Street Fighter. Yikes.