On the second day of the Disney D23 Expo they showed us a presentation of several upcoming Disney projects, from the end of 2009 and on.

I’ll be doing a full write up soon, but here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • John Carter of Mars will be given a Summer 2012 release date.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been given the title On Stranger Tides and will be releases in Summer 2011. Johnny Depp made an appearance AS Jack Sparrow (sadly not as the Mad Hatter) and rambled something about a frog.
  • John Travolta and his wife and daughter made their first public appearance since his sons death for his upcoming film Old Dogs with Robin Williams. Cook asked him to sign on to another dozen films, which he gladly agreed to and then tried to sign his daughter up for 25 more. There were a number of kisses and the whole thing was rather awkward.
  • The Muppets announce that they will making their movie, The Cheapest Muppet Movies Ever. No release date yet.
  • Tim Burton will be expanding on Frankenweenie, which will be released on 2012.
  • Robert Zemeckis will be directing a new 3-D IMAX adaptation of The Yellow Submarine
  • Ghost of present and future showed up in the clip for  A Christmas Tale.
  • Old Dogs trailer got some of the biggest laughs out of almost everything… odd.
  • Miley Cyrus did not receive ANY claps when in clips and no one seemed that excited to see her perform.
  • Someone in the audience yelled out to Jerry Bruckheimer, after talking about Prince of Persia either “And you’re also gay!” or “Get off the stage!” Neither one were appreciated, but either made sense from an angry Disney fan.

Still writing, more on it’s way!