will smith and charlize theron confirmed for hancock 2

Shortly after two writers were hired to pen the script for Hancock 2, director Peter Berg has confirmed the film’s main cast. Over at MTV, they recently spoke to Berg about the sequel and whether or not all the original stars would make a return. Will Smith’s appearance is a given, and at this point so is Charlize Theron‘s, so Jason Bateman can’t be too far behind can he?

When Peter Berg spoke to MTV while at the Toronto International Film Festival, he was asked about Smith and Theron’s return for the next film, and he responded with “Everybody’s going to come back for a sequel.” This news lines up with a few earlier statements Theron made about her possible return to the movie from last September. She said that she would be happy to reprise her role in another film if everyone else was also on board.

When we interviewed Jason Bateman a couple of weeks ago, he weighed in on his possible return to the franchise as well.

I think anytime Will does a movie, there’s not only going to be a sequel, but it’s a franchise. Listen, if I’m invited I’ll be there, but I know it’s something that they’ve talked about since day one.

So a confirmation from Bateman might not be far behind.


If you’ve seen the first Hancock, you know that Smith and Theron’s characters are both powerful gods. The biggest plot point that’s been revealed for the upcoming sequel is the appearance of a third god, who will interact with the two. According to Berg they already have an actor in mind to play that character, but he won’t reveal who it is.

Hancock was an OK movie in my book, but I’ve seen everyone involved with the film do better. It’s obviously being used as a massive franchise piece for the studio, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a third or even fourth film popped up in the near future.

What do you think about the return of Will and Charlize for Hancock 2?