Alice in Wonderland - White Queen Mace

We’ve got some more photos from the Alice in Wonderland display at this year’s Disney D23 Expo. We previously brought you images of the White and March Hare, as well as the infamous hat of the Mad Hatter. This second batch includes some props from the film used by actors Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter in their roles as The White Queen and The Red Queen.

This stuff looks pretty hardcore, so without further adieu let’s check out the photos…

Out of all these props, my favorite is the White Queen’s mace. It’s old school Alice in Wonderland, and it reminds me of the animated version of the story more than anything else. The telescope looks good too, it’s a bit complicated in design but that’s good detail due to a talented costume department.

Also, in this group of photos you can see the chair that Johnny Depp sat in as the Mad Hatter. It doesn’t look particularly comfortable, perhaps that’s why he’s so mad all the time? And by mad, I mean certifiably insane.

There’s much more to see as the day progresses so stay tuned for more Disney D23 updates.

What do you think of the props from Alice in Wonderland?