Cars 2 plot details

Over at Empire they’ve got the inside scoop on the plot details for the highly anticipated sequel, Cars 2. The first film was a huge hit for Disney-Pixar back in 2006, and starred Owen Wilson, the late Paul Newman, and comedian Larry the Cable Guy. Earlier today, director John Lasseter spoke at a Disney panel presentation and divulged some long awaited details regarding the latest film, which is due to hit theaters in the summer of 2011.

The story sees Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), his pit team and new pit boss Mater head around the world for the Race of Champions, to take place in five different countries and involve the champions of different disciplines like Formula One and rally driving. First up is a race in Tokyo, starting at Mount Fuji and heading downtown; then there’s a German race through the Black Forest; then “Porto Corsa” in Italy, which is based partly on the Monte Carlo Grand Prix; then a 24-hour race around Paris (so somewhat like Le Mans then) and finally a thrilling climax in London, approaching Buckingham Palace (where the guards appear to be Land Rovers).

But all this racing is not the only focus. Mater, who we know from the series of cartoon shorts Mater’s Tall Tales (more on that in our blog in a minute) is prone to exaggeration, gets involved in a “Hitchcockian” case of mistaken identity, saves the life of a British secret agent called Finn McMissile (who looks a heck of a lot like an Aston Martin) and becomes embroiled in a huge spy thriller. Only no-one believes him. That too comes to a head at Buckingham Palace.

As you can see, Cars 2 will be very Euro-centric. The whole aspect of a world race, and jumping from various countries sounds like fun. The film will mark the Pixar directing debut of Brad Lewis who previously produced the hit animated film, Ratatouille. At the presentation, the audience was told some familiar voices would be returning for the film, but they didn’t specify who. We’ll have to wait and see who they have up their sleeve, but I’m sure whoever it is will be amazing.

What do you think about the plot details from Cars 2?