Robert De Niro and Mel Brooks Kennedy Center Honors

The annual Kennedy Center Honors have announced their 2009 list of recipients. Each year the ceremony inducts a distinguished group of legendary performers who have heavily contributed to the fine arts, whether it be dance, music, film, etc. According to the LATimes, Oscar winners Robert De Niro and Mel Brooks are two of the lucky contenders to make this year’s cut.

On December 6th, De Niro and Brooks will be recognized for their various achievements in the film industry. De Niro is a two time Oscar winner for his roles in The Godfather Part II and The Raging Bull, while Brooks is the genius behind such films and Broadway plays as The Producers and Young Frankenstein.

Other honorees who will be inducted this year include Grammy winner Bruce Springsteen, jazz musician Dave Brubeck, and opera singer Grace Bumbry.The event will be pre-recorded and broadcast on December 29th on CBS. It’s about time De Niro got his medal from the Kennedy Center. After Martin Scorsese‘s induction a couple years ago I began to wonder if something was up. As for Mel Brooks, he is a living legend and this honor is way overdue.

The one thing I love about the show is the back story they always give on the recipients. De Niro never really talks about his upbringing, so this will be a great way to gain some insight into his early struggles as an actor. Am I the only one who remembers that infamous episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio? Poor James Lipton couldn’t get anything out of that guy.

What do you think of this year’s Kennedy Center honorees?