nicolas cage drive crazy

Recently, production began on Michel Gondry‘s film adaptation on the Green Hornet but an important element has been missing, Nicolas Cage. For months the actor has been attached to star as the film’s villain opposite Seth Rogen, but according to THR, things have gone south. Cage has officially dropped out of the movie.

Nicolas Cage was in negotiations to star in Green Hornet, but talks between the actor and the studio (Columbia) have fallen through. No specifics have been given as to why an agreement wasn’t reached. Green Hornet began shooting last week in Los Angeles, and we’ve seen plenty of photos of Rogen, Cameron Diaz, and Jay Chou on set, so when Cage was nowhere to be found the rumors began to fly.

Since the actor never made it to the set, no footage of him was shot for the movie. Perhaps the reason behind Cage declining the role has something to do with the other 9,235 movies that he’s scheduled to shoot within the next year? The guy is beyond busy, so there’s no real surprise element to this announcement.

Now that Cage is out, the role of the film’s villain is up for grabs. We don’t have an official description of the character, but who do you think should step in as the bad guy?

What do you think of Nicolas Cage’s decision to leave the Green Hornet?