law abiding citizen poster

A new poster has been released for the F. Gary Gray thriller, Law Abiding Citizen. The film pits Gerard Butler against Oscar winner Jamie Foxx in a tale of murder, deceit, and vigilante justice. The first poster for the film only featured Butler, but the latest release highlights a stern looking Mr. Foxx. Law Abiding Citizen hits theaters next month on October 16th.

Take a look at what you’re in for…

Law Abiding Citizen Poster

Unlike the over the top trailer for Law Abiding Citizen, this poster isn’t too in your face. There’s nothing here that makes it better or worse than the previous one sheet we posted earlier.

The plot of this film centers on a man who turns into a vigilante when the murderers of his wife and daughter are set free after they cop a plea bargain. From that point on, the grief stricken widower becomes a menace to society and pulls Jamie Foxx into a drawn out game of cat and mouse.

What do you think of the second poster for Law Abiding Citizen?

Image courtesy of Cinematical