Wow! We’ve finally found a film that could possibly top Delgo! Out of 42 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes at the end of last week not ONE critic liked the new Sandra Bullock film All About Steve. As of the moment, there are 78 reviews, and it has managed to move up to a 5%. Someone must have felt bad for it and decided to save their tomato to throw at something else much less worth.

Sadly, unlike Delgo, the film was able to pull in $11,225,000 at the box office, mainly due to the fact that it has Sandra Bullock coming off The Proposal and Bradley Cooper off The Hangover. It’s okay, you all thought that maybe their might be some redeeming qualities to it. Hey it had some good actors in it, maybe they could save the day? Nope!

So what do the positive reviewers say about the film?

“Not without its good bits. Even if you have to watch some supposedly nice guys be mean to get to them.” – Sara Schieron Boxoffice Magazine

Wow. That’s a gushing review…

It’s a sort of anti-romance romantic comedy, and though uneven, it’s a lot smarter than most films in the genre. – Liz Braun Jam! Movies

Smarter, than what exactly? There have been so many great movies lately, why waste the time on this?

This was one of those films that just sucks. There are truly no redeeming qualities to it. Even the trailer for it is cringe worthy.

I am interested in finding someone out there that saw this film and liked it. Anyone out there? Who believes what Bullock said about this NOT being a romantic comedy and about it being empowering to woman? If you want girl power just wait for Whip It!

If so, please leave a comment below and tell us why millions of dollars should have gone into making this film instead of making another film, helping the economy or feeding a small country?