pixar already eyeing marvel's ant-man?

Once the initial shock from the Disney-Marvel merger wore off, people began to wonder what properties would be effected. The greatest fear is that Disney will ruin the edge and originality that Marvel has created for itself. According to Superherohype, one of the studio’s other subsidiaries, Pixar might want a piece of the comic pie.

The quote that’s being read around the world is:

“Pixar is said to already be eyeballing an Ant-Man movie.”

Ant-Man is the first victim of choice? For those of you not familiar with the character, Ant-Man is a hero who has the ability to adjust his body size. For example, he can shrink to the size of an ant, or grow to the stature of a building.

This project has been in development for years under the assumption that British director, Edgar Wright would helm the adaptation. Even though Ant-Man is a known member of the Marvel Avengers team, he hasn’t been mentioned amongst Thor, Iron Man, or Captain America for the upcoming team-up movie.

With Pixar, I think everyone automatically jumps to the conclusion that Ant-Man could be produced as an amazing CG animated film. The studio is slowly but surely making their way into the category of live action. They’re already in pre-production with the novel adaptation of John Carter of Mars.

I’m not particularly invested in this film one way or another, because Ant-Man has never been on my radar. I don’t mean to knock the character, but unless he was somewhere hanging around the Avengers, he was invisible in my eyes.

Do you think Pixar should adapt Ant-Man?