Nicolas Cage will not stop working. Even though his latest projects haven’t been that great, the Oscar winning actor continues to expand his resume. According to THR, Cage has just signed on to star in the thriller The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. This announcement comes days after confirmation that he’ll star as a vigilante grandpa in the 3-D action flick, Drive Angry.

The film will be produced by Tobey Maguire‘s production company, with a script written by Robert Tannen. The story will center on a man whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime. He subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization. The Hungry Rabbit Jumps is scheduled to begin filming in New Orleans this January.

Where is Nicolas Cage finding the time to make all these movies? Why is it that everything he touches has to do with revenge or anger? I think Cage is a talented actor, but his films have been so unbearable for me to watch these past few years. National Treasure can only cover so much ground for me. All of these steadfast acting decisions have me wondering whether or not he’s planning on retiring soon. What other logical reason does he for taking on so many film projects at once?

What do you think of Nicolas Cage’s latest film role, The Hungry Rabbit Jumps?