This is it close up

A poster has already been printed for the upcoming concert documentary, Michael Jackson’s This is it. The film is a compilation of footage covering the singer’s last days, while rehearsing for his 2009 comeback tour. The film will hit theaters on October 28th, and will give fans the ultimate behind the scenes experience from one of the greatest performers of all time.

The following poster isn’t as over the top as I thought it would be, but it gets the message across…


I love how his silhouette is filled with images of him performing. That’s a beautiful way to remember Jackson as an artist. Now that September is here, the studio has some serious promoting to do before This is it comes out. But then again, as much coverage as the Jackson family has received in the past few months I’m sure the word is out there.

One side of me thinks this is a great way to see Michael in action one last time, while the other part wishes they weren’t capitalizing so quickly off of his death. I’m at a crossroads.

What do you think of the poster for Michael Jackson’s This is it?

Image courtesy of RopeofSilicon