kevin smith's tweet-a-thon

Now that Labor Day is over, the Kevin Smith Tweet-a-thon results are in. We told you about the director’s 24 hour plan to promote his upcoming book Shootin’ the Sh*t With Kevin Smith via the networking site, Twitter. Interestingly enough his day of shear laziness and self-indulgence did not disappoint.

Here are some of the best of the best from Kevin Smith and his fans…

Via @CoreyMPAnderson “Matt Damon for Captain America or Matt Damon for Captain America?”
I’m gonna make controversial choice: Matt Damon.

Via@LAtheDJ “If you could make a sequel to any other movie (not yours) what would it be?”

Via@MissMitsu “What graphic novel would you most want to film?”
Don’t wanna make it, but wanna see DARK KNIGHT RETURNS adaptation one day.

Via @ninju “Holy CRap!!! You’re still tweeting?! Have you even slept yet?”
Obviously not; you see some of the shit I’ve been Tweeting? HELP!

Via @teh_shoestar “Dean Koontz or Stephen King?”
Apostle John not in the running? BOOK OF REVELATIONS scared the fuck out of me as a child!

Via @Dunny_George “Fave Christopher Walken Movie?”
THE DEAD ZONE “The missiles are flying. Hallelujah, Hallelujah!”

Via @spitfire6006006 “Would you ever consider having Tom Waits in a movie?”
Of course. Who doesn’t love Waits? Dude wrote/sang JERSEY GIRL.

Via@redpuma “Do you think Disney will kill the amazingness of Marvel?”
They didn’t kill the amazingness of @MiramaxFilms back in the day.

Via@Fantasio “Are you the owner of the rights of your movies?”
In 10 years, all UK rights revert back to me. In U.S., Disney owns forever.

Via@KevinHarp “What if Jay and Silent Bob met Bill and Ted?”
At Cheech and Chong’s place. Would Bob and Doug bring the beer?

@NickFerrin “Did Rogen totally piss you off while you were making ZAMMAP?”
Never once. Love him so much. Dude’s mad-talented.

“Will Justin Long be in anymore of your films?”
Man, I hope so. He was genius in ZAMMAP. So fun to work with. Nice guy, too.

That last question was actually something I wanted to know! I love Justin Long. As you can see, these questions and responses tread the border between ludicrous and legit. In the beginning it sounded like an insane idea, but it looks like Smith and his fans really enjoyed it.

Did you participate in the Kevin Smith Tweet-a-thon? What did you think?