Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo del Toro has something up his sleeve and it’s not related to short, hairy hobbits. The director was kind enough to give us a few hints about another highly anticipated project he’s working on. For those of you who don’t crawl the Tolkien-related forums and blogs, we gotcha covered. Check out the latest update from the Gothic, horror, comic infused itinerary of Mr. del Toro.

He recently posted the following statement on the Lord of the Rings fan forum, The One Ring,

In a few days there will be a BIG announcement (big for me, at least) that is not-Hobbit related. BEFORE anyone starts wondering the usual “how does he have time?, Is this detracting form The Hobbit?” etc. It is a project that started over 2 years ago, before The Hobbit and will render fruits in the mid-term, not intruding on my Hobbit duties. Rest assured. The key letter is “D”.

According to Slashfilm, the bets are being placed on two projects that fit the specified timeline, and have the “key letter D” in them. The first major option has to do with the Nikolaj Arcel directed DC comics’ adaptation of Deadman.

The other possibility that sounds a tad more like a “big announcement” has to do with the Marvel comic, Dr. Strange. In 2008, del Toro admitted that he had talked about doing a Dr. Strange film and having Neil Gaiman pen the script. To add another “D” into the mix, Disney recently acquired the comic powerhouse, Marvel.

Kevin Feige recently stated that, “as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists.”

I have my own theories about what the big announcement will be about, and it certainly seems like the adaptation of Dr. Strange might be the way to go. He has mentioned that he is trying to get the project into development, but if it is actually on the roster, that would be something to get a little jazzed about.

What do you think his announcement is?