hallween gets a director, children of the corn a writer

After the lackluster performance of Halloween II at the box office, the film’s studio decided to jump on the 3-D movie train. As previously reported Rob Zombie will not return for a third film, but another director will. Not only will Halloween get new life, but the Stephen King classic Children of the Corn will as well! A writer has been hired to update the 1984 horror film.

According to Variety, Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) is in talks to direct Halloween III. This shouldn’t come as a shock considering his previous work. He’s currently in negotiations to write and direct the film for The Weinstein Company.

Children of the Corn was a franchise that began 25 years ago, and was based off of the terrifying Stephen King novel of the same name. A new writer has been hired to revamp the story for the screen and it’s Ehren Krueger. The story will still center on a boy preacher who convinces the children of a small Nebraska town to kill all the adults as a form of religious sacrifice.

I heard about a remake of Children of the Corn being done for television (SyFy to be exact), but I wasn’t aware that they were doing a big screen adaptation as well. I don’t really understand the point of a remake, because the original wasn’t that great. Sure, it had some campy and fun elements to it, but it was nothing compared to King’s other work.

What do you think of these two horror developments?