The American adaptation of the popular anime Akira continues to move forward. Even though 90 percent of the general public doesn’t want the film to be made, Collider is reporting that it’s still happening. Not only is it still happening, but two screenwriters have been tapped to pen the script.

According to their trusted source, screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are on board to bring Akira to the big screen. Both writers worked on the excellent screenplay for the sci-fi film Children of Men, which is always overlooked, as well as 2008′s Iron Man. Collider’s very own Frosty was able to walk away with some limited but still helpful info regarding the story for their take on the film.

I did confirm the story is still set in post-apocalyptic Manhattan in the near future. I also confirmed the famous motorcycle is definitely a part of the film, but that bit of info shouldn’t surprise anyone. From what I could gather, the movie is still a priority for the studio, and if the script meets with approval from key people, the movie could go into production in 2010 with a release date in 2011. Also, this isn’t going to be some mid-range budget movie. If the film goes into production, it’s going to be one of those BIG event movies.

Are you scared? I am not ready for this. I saw the lack of production talk as a good thing, and now it’s back! Akira is perfect in its original format and I don’t want to see it adapted just for the purpose of being adapted.

Even though I like the writers work, I’m still weary about this project. The fact that it will be produced as a big budget movie, will add a lot of pressure and time constraint that could hurt the quality of the script. So again I ask, are you scared?

What do you think about Fergus and Ostby adapting Akira? Do you think they can make it work?