Pixar Venice Film Festival Lifetime Achievement

This year’s Venice International Film Festival is moving full speed ahead by honoring some of the most talented individuals in filmmaking. One of the major events that have already taken place at the festival involved Pixar Animation. According to Yahoo, the studio’s founding directors and producers including John Lasseter were recipients of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pixar is currently under the Disney umbrella along with several other companies including the recently acquired Marvel Entertainment. But way before Woody, Nemo, or Sully ever touched the screen, a small studio comprised of a group of young animators had to take shape. Pixar was launched 23 years ago in Northern California and has broken barriers in the field of computer animation ever since.

“Filmmaking and animation is one of the most collaborative art forms there is in the world, and it is never more collaborative than it is at Pixar. We really set out to deeply entertain an audience, not just children but adults as well,” Lasseter told reporters Sunday.”

I think that statement sums up the Pixar viewing experience. The studio has only made 10 films since its inception, but out of those ten, four have gone on to win Oscars in the Best Animated Film category since it was introduced in 2001. On hand to present Lasseter and co. with the Golden Lion Award was super producer-director George Lucas. Pixar started as the Graphics Group within Lucasfilms back in 1979, before it was bought by Steve Jobs in 1986.

What do you think about Pixar receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award? Do they deserve it?