Netflix on demand

Millions of people in this country live off of Netflix. Not only does the service provide us with the latest in movie releases but TV too! Netflix On Demand has become a crutch for busy people everywhere to catch up on recent episodes of their favorite television shows. Unfortunately, according to Gizmodo some of their most popular programs will be going, going, gone! What’s up with that?!

Wilson Rothman, an avid Netflix On Demand user, noticed that a majority of his TV staples are disappearing at the end of this month once the new fall season starts. NBC shows like The Office, 30 Rock, and Heroes are all getting the ax. A few CBS programs are also taking a hike including CSI. The biggest conspiracy regarding this shift points towards the internet giant, Hulu. After this month all the new episodes of these shows will more than like be exclusively available on that site as opposed to Netflix.

I’m not surprised that NBC would pull such a thing. They actually back Hulu with their licensed material, and get a chunk of the profits. It’s an ad supported site that generates plenty of traffic for them to cash in on. I have yet to allow Hulu to take over my life. At the moment I just stick to my DVR, which is always over 70 percent full no matter how many shows I delete. Am I the only one has that problem?

What do you think about NBC and CBS yanking new episodes off of Netflix VOD?