Green Hornet - Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen at a Press Conference

This weekend we brought you a couple of behind the scenes photos from the upcoming Green Hornet film with Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz. The cast and crew must be filled with worker bees because several new images have popped up online that feature the actors set up at a different location.

These photos reveal so much about the look of this film, and that’s not necessarily a good thing…

Am I the only one who realizes that Jay Chou is not not dressed as Kato in these photos? The man photographed looks like the Asian actor who played the villain in every Jean-Claude Van Damme movie from the eighties. You know the guy with the scar on his face, and the messed up eye?

These photos don’t really do it for me. I need to see Kato do an amazing acrobatic stunt before I get excited about anything going on here. I will say that the car looks gorgeous. The Black Beauty is just that, it looks great! As for the rest of the film, I’m not that exactly over the moon about it. Maybe if I see a photo of Nicolas Cage as the suspected villain I’d have something to be interested in.

Green Hornet hits theaters on December 17th 2010 and is directed by Michel Gondry.

Images courtesy of JustJared, and Superherohype.

What do you think about the latest set photos from Green Hornet?