oliver-stone-south of the border trailer

Oliver Stone‘s latest film, (not Wall Street 2) has got a new trailer. The feature’s entitled South of the Border, and is a documentary that will premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival. In typical Stone fashion, the director doesn’t shy away from controversy with the film’s subject matter. The following trailer gives us a peek into South of the Border’s attack on U.S. propaganda and its portrayal of Latin American leaders.

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As you can see, Stone focuses primarily on Hugo Chavez and his portrayal in the media, but he also interviews several other political figures. Some of the people highlighted represent Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, even the President of Cuba got into the mix.

It’s easy to see this film as a big propaganda piece in its own right. There’s actually a shot of one of the presidents playing soccer with Stone on his front lawn. Every Latin person is not born with a soccer ball attached to their hip! Either way, the film is supposed to shed a positive light on countries that have otherwise been shown as magnets for conflict.

What do you think of Stone’s trailer for South of the Border? Do you see it as propaganda?