Bad Lieutenant 5

After seeing the trailer for the unofficial reimagining of Bad Lieutenant entitled, Port of Call New Orleans, I got a sharp pain in my stomach. The film stars Oscar winner Nicolas Cage as an alcoholic, drug addicted cop who makes and plays by his own rules. The 1992 original featured Harvey Keitel in the title role, and was directed by Abel Ferrara. Werner Herzog, is helming the newer version, but claims that his film isn’t a remake. I’m not buying it, are you?

According to Yahoo, Abel Ferrara has been very vocal about his disdain for the upcoming Port of Call New Orleans. He was actually quoted as saying “I wish these people die in hell.” Not the most grammatically correct sentence, but we feel his anger. Cage claims that he and Herzog’s take is completely different from the original film.

“This is a New Orleans cop, it takes place in New Orleans, it’s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, it’s not Bad Lieutenant.”

The director went on to add:

“I have never seen this film,” Herzog told Reuters. “I only know it has nothing to do with it, because the screenwriter explained to me the other film … and we knew it was not in any way related.”

Both films deal with corrupt cops who moonlight as drug addicted, sex fends. If you don’t want people to think this is a remake, perhaps you should take the words Bad Lieutenant out of the title. That might be your first step towards redemption. Have they even thought of doing that? Of course not, because they want to tap into that built in fanbase from the original.

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you know the rest!

Do you see Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans as a remake or a separate film?