Clash of the Titans Behind the Scenes

Tonight on MTV, they’re airing a movie special entitled Behind the Screen that features some exclusive first looks at several upcoming releases. One of the films highlighted is Louis Leterrier‘s remake of the 1981 Greek epic Clash of the Titans, which stars Australian actor Sam Worthington. We’ve only seen promotional photos from the film, so this is our first exposure to any live action footage.

Over on MTV’s website they’ve posted two videos from their Clash of the Titans segment. One features B-roll footage of Worthington playing with fire and jumping from ledges, while the other video is a compilation of several interviews including a one on one with Worthington’s love interest, Gemma Arterton.

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After watching the footage from their set visit, I’m not as skeptical as I was before about the direction of the film. I’m an avid fan of Greek mythology and I always get annoyed when various adaptations mix up the backgrounds of certain characters. From what Worthington describes in his interview, it looks as if they’re staying somewhat close to the source material.

Clash of the Titans hits theaters next year on March 26th.

What do you think of Louis Letterier’s take on the film?