gamer steve and extract

As Labor Day peeks in, a number of films will be hitting theaters this three-day weekend, but who will bring in the big bucks and the number one spot? First up is Gamer, a high-concept action thriller set in the near future when gaming and entertainment clash into one. Sandra Bullock will keep the torch burning with her second romantic comedy (oh, sorry we’re not supposed to call it that, in which case I have no clue what to call it) this summer, All About Steve, which also stars The Hangovers Bradley Cooper. And humor takes form in Mike Judge’s Extract starring Jason Bateman.

Who will lead the pack? Let’s take a look…

After his summer’s The Ugly Truth, which ranked at number three on opening weekend and made just over $27.6 million, Gerard Butler is ready to jump back into action films and pull in a lot of male audiences this weekend. His most successful film 300, ranked at number one in 2007, and was a huge hit among massive audiences. Gamer doesn’t seem as promising as the Spartan-based film, but will most likely dominate young male audiences and take home the gold.

Bullock is another leading lady known for her numerous amount of successful romantic comedies — her latest The Proposal has already grossed nearly $270 million worldwide. Also, this summer Cooper surprised us all in the highly successful comedy The Hangover, which ranked at number one opening weekend grossing at $45 million. That being said, I’m not sure anything can save All About Steve. With it’s horrible trailer and even worse reviews, I don’t think anyone is running out to see this film. Chances are it’s going to flop BIG TIME.

The most rewarding film this weekend, and our pick for the number one spot is Extract – with its amazing comedic cast and Judge’s loyal fan base, the film is going to give the big futuristic thriller, Gamer, a run for it’s money. Action films are a dime a dozen, but Judge films only come around every so often.

If this summer has proved anything, it’s that a quality comedy will beat out a mediocre thriller. So…

Our pick: EXTRACT

Prove us right Judge!

Which film will you go see this Labor Day weekend?