Statuesque cast

Award winning British actor Bill Nighy is taking a leap into the silent era of filmmaking. According to /Film, He will star in Neil Gaiman‘s upcoming short Statuesque, which will also feature the director’s girlfriend Amanda Palmer. Palmer is best known for her work as the lead vocalist of the punk band The Dresden Dolls.

This eight minute film is part of a special series commissioned by Rupert Murdoch‘s UK based Sky TV. Each short will mark one of the twelve days of Christmas, during the upcoming holiday season.

Statuesque is described as a love triangle between two living statues and an admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the Christmas shoppers, unaware that he too is being watched.”

Silent film? Statues? There couldn’t be a more perfect place for Palmer and her Dresden Doll tendencies. The musician even has a song entitled “Perfect Fit,” based on her past experiences as a statue in Boston. Perhaps she is the inspiration behind the entire film? Nighy’s early days in the theater and his comedic background will also add a lot of personality to this silent feature.

If you want to stop by and check out the filming of Statuesque, Gaiman was nice enough to post the location on his official blog.

We’ll be at Charter Place in Watford High Street (WD17 2BJ for the curious) and will be shooting on Sunday the 6th from around 11 until 6.00pm.

Can any of you make it?

What do you think of Gaiman’s shot at the past?