Protest toronto film festival

I would like to say that the annual Toronto International Film Festival will go off without a hitch, but I can’t. Whenever a large group of thespians are gathered, drama will surely follow. According to Reuters, several big named stars are protesting the event because of the intentional spotlight the Festival has put on the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

At this year’s TIFF, a series of 10 films will be shown that focus on Tel Aviv, and a lot of prominent industry folks are against it. Many artists believe that the spotlight series is nothing but a shameless propaganda campaign. Canadian filmmaker John Greyson pulled his documentary Covered from the event as a means of protest. He also started a petition signed by more than 50 artists, academics, and filmmakers who likened the program to a celebration of apartheid-era South Africa.

The protest isn’t meant to be a personal attack on the individual Israeli filmmakers, but the questionable motives behind the series. Some of the actors against the event include Jane Fonda and Danny Glover. Wherever there’s a fight for civil injustice you can always depend on Ms. Fonda to be on the front lines. I like her, she has spunk!

The Toronto International Film Festival officially begins on September 10th.

Do you think the protest of TIFF is justified?