youtube-movie rentals

I knew this would happen sooner or later. According to the LATimes, major film studios have been courting internet giant YouTube for movie distribution. Instead of using Netflix or going to Blockbuster, could you imagine renting movies via your YouTube account? The concept isn’t far from reality, and may go into effect sooner than you think.

Google Inc.’s YouTube is in talks with some of Hollywood’s biggest studios including, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Lionsgate about streaming their movies when the DVDs become available in rental stores and kiosks. This would seem like an odd partnership considering the internet is a constant threat to the movie industry, but with a recent decline in DVD sales studios are trying to compensate by any means necessary.

YouTube has been in talks for months with several studio executives, exploring their marketing options. Even though the site has a huge presence on the web, it doesn’t generate as much revenue as some may think. Within the past two years the YouTube has been trying to align itself with more professional outlets in order to attract big advertisers.

The combination of using licensed material backed by a major entertainment entity, might be a golden opportunity for YouTube to expand beyond its campy roots.

Do you think it would be a good idea for YouTube to stream DVD rentals on their website?