Those of you excited to see Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Michael Sheen in the upcoming 3D adventure, Tron Legacy directed by Joseph Kosinski will be happy to hear that the film has been given an official release date: December 17, 2010.

If that date sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s currently crushing the souls of Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen who just announced that their film, The Green Hornet will be released on the same day. The Smurfs‘ is also set to be released on the 17th, but since it’s not competing for the same audience and because both The Green Hornet and The Smurfs‘ are both being released by Sony, I’m guessing it will get the boot for a different release date.

The question is, will Hornet be able to tackle Tron?

The two films come at opposite ends of the comic book spectrum, Tron is extremely sleek and serious, while The Green Hornet… well, we actually don’t know much about The Green Hornet‘s interpretation, but seeing as it was written in part by Seth Rogen and lend itself more to comedy, it’s somewhat safe to say that it will be far more comedic and rough-around-the-edges than Tron. Add that to the fact that Tron started production in April 2009 and finished in July and Hornet only just began production yesterday, shows that Tron definitely has the lead on special effects and time to iron out problems that may (will) come up.

One could argue that the films are so different that there is room for both of them at the box office, but the truth is, their audiences do collide, and when it comes down to it, Tron will get the upper hand.

That being said, a good script told by a good director is all you need to make a good film. Both films have big names, lots of money, and potential…

Who do you think will win?