Disney-Marvel's Mouserine!

Now that the initial fall out over the pending Disney-Marvel merger has worn off, this is the perfect time to make light of the situation. While scouring the net, we found a bunch of original photo mash ups of classic characters from both labels. Mickey as Wolverine, Daffy Duck as Captain America, Wall-E versus Spiderman, the possibilities were endless! Thanks to Screenjunkies, we got a hold of some of the best comic-cartoon mash ups on the web, and they’re hilarious!

My personal favorite is “Mouserine.” Who knew Mickey could be so gangster? The fact that he’s not his usual cheery self, compounded by his recent smoking habit threw me for a loop. The colorful Avengers are also a top pick of mine. Goofy still looks goofy, even when you put him in Thor’s armor. He needs to bulk up a bit.

This is just an extreme example of the worst that could happen with the merger and even though it may suck, at least it gives us good comedic material.

Which Disney-Marvel mash up is your favorite?