the weinstein company the kings speech

Hot off their announcement of Halloween 3-D, The Weinstein Company has shifted gears to a historical project entitled, The King’s Speech. According to THR, TWC has picked up the rights to produce the film based on the life of British Royal, King George VI. Tom Hooper, whose previous credits include HBO’s Elizabeth I and John Adams is attached to direct.

The story of The King’s Speech will center on George VI (as played by Colin Firth), the father of the current Queen Elizabeth II, who assumed the throne when his brother Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson. The film will focus on his efforts to overcome a nervous stammer with the help of speech therapist Lionel Logue, whom will be played by Geoffrey Rush. Production is scheduled to begin this fall, with a theatrical release anticipated for next year.

It looks as if the Weinsteins are trying to sucker me in with an underdog story. Colin Firth is such a good choice for this role. He can act, he has class, and a certain vulnerability that will allow him to pull off this character perfectly.

Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush is self-explanatory. I can definitely see him as a stern yet unconventional tutor. The good thing about both of these actors is their level of diversity. When I heard that they were cast, I didn’t even flinch. You automatically know the material is in good hands. I’m looking forward to reading more about this film as it develops.

What do you think about Firth and Rush being cast in The King’s Speech?