So what ever happened to Steven Soderbergh’s planned adaptation of the Michael Lewis book Moneyball which was supposed to be written by Aaron Sorkin and star Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s manager who used non-traditional statistical systems to build the cheapest winning baseball team alongside Demetri Martin? It got inexplicably canceled a couple of months ago, with no explanation. That is until just now.

So what’s the big secret behind why the movie didn’t get made Mr. Soderbergh?

There have been a couple of times in my career where I’ve been unceremoniously removed from projects. I don’t waste a lot of energy on it. It doesn’t get you anywhere. As soon as it became clear that there was no iteration of that movie that I was going to get to direct, I immediately started looking around for something else to do.

Sounds quite sensible and professional to me. One thing doesn’t work, so start another one! Happens all the time in Hollywood with some of the biggest and smallest names in “The Biz.”

So why not go a completely different direction with something new? Maybe something like a 3-D musical about Cleopatra?

I’m going to do it in 3D, because I think that’s a viable format. You’re going to see more people working in it. I want to see the first person take a shot at doing a straight drama in 3D. Maybe the way to do it would be to make a period drama in 3D where it really contributes to your sense of being in that world. Cleopatra’s world would be a natural for this.

To be Soderbergh does simple shots with interesting stories best. I can’t picture him using 3-D, but everything he does is interesting in one way or another so I’m interested to see what he comes up with!

Sources: orlandosentinel and /film