Nine - Daniel Day-Lewis "Can I get a light?"

Whenever I read news about the upcoming Rob Marshall feature, Nine I feel like bursting into song. It’s weird how musicals have that type of effect on you. Over at Latino Review, they’ve posted six new gorgeous production stills from the movie. Everyone looks sharp, on point, and dressed to the nines!

Find out why Nine makes everyone want to be Italian…

The film is based on the Broadway play of the same name, and centers on a middle aged director trying to complete his latest movie. Unfortunately, the filmmaking process becomes a tedious task when his personal relationship with various women begins to interfere with his work.

Nine has a cast filled with Academy and Grammy Award winners including Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, and Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson. How many accolades does one cast need? Not to mention the fact that the director’s previous musical Chicago won the Best Picture Oscar the year it was released.

What do you think of the latest photos from Nine?