Is it possible? Could Jon Favreau convert his upcoming Iron Man 2 into a 3-D format? Must 3-D technology touch everything I hold near and dear? According to AICN, Marvel and Paramount may be looking into a conversion of not only the Iron Man sequel, but the original film as well! What’s going on here?

Apparently, a demo is circulating throughout Marvel’s inner circle that features a one minute clip of Iron Man 2 rendered in digital 3-D. Everything is very hush, hush at the moment, but sources say the footage looks amazing. At the moment they are shopping for bids to see how much it would cost to transfer the entire film over into the 3-D format.

Is this a legit possibility? Jon Favreau has mentioned in the past that he was interested in working with 3-D on Iron Man 2, but harsh production realities became a setback.

“I was hoping to get a shot at doing it this time around, but it didn’t work out that way. … There are a few drawbacks to it at this point — there’s more cost involved, and it also forces you to shoot digitally. My cinematographer [Matthew Libatique] really likes film, and ‘Iron Man’ had a certain look because it was film.”

If they do go through with a complete re-rendering of the footage, I wonder what this would mean for the rest of the Avengers franchise? It would be dumb to have one or two films in 3-D, and the others in 2-D. This is a costly jump that Marvel and Paramount may want to think about before taking the plunge.

I’m not totally against it, but I think the production would be a timely process. I don’t want to wait for The Avengers any longer than I have to, so hopefully they consider the films’ release dates before they jump the gun.

Do you think they should convert Iron Man 2 over to 3-D?