todd mcfarlane talks dark wizard of oz

Ever since last week, speculation regarding Todd McFarlane‘s darker take on the literary classic The Wizard of Oz has been all over the web. Over at Empire they got an exclusive interview with the man of the hour, and spoke to him about casting, his vision, and the current status of his big screen adaptation. So, once again we’re off to see the wizard…

The biggest piece of rumored news surrounding McFarlane’s Oz film is the suspected casting of Dakota Fanning. The 15 year old actress is literally vamping it up in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, so her starring as a Gothic Dorothy wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

According to McFarlane, If we just do a sugary sweet Dorothy that everybody has seen over and over for 50 years, as far as I’m concerned, that’s too obvious. I’m happy to go with whoever will get the most people in the seats, but sometimes that can change from month to month.

McFarlane refused to confirm or deny whether or not the film’s story would focus on Dorothy herself, or her granddaughter in the future. As for the current state of the script, “Josh Olsen wrote a draft that didn’t quite strike Warners fancy. Everyone was a little lukewarm. They wanted it more sexy! So they were going to do a rewrite and get some fresh eyes on it.”

The idea of a sexy Wizard of Oz is terrifying to me, but then again this film is supposed to be disturbing. McFarlane believes that, you should “shut down your preconceived notions,” and look at his take as an isolated movie that just happens to be set in Oz.

Is it possible to separate the two? Remember the 1985 film Return to Oz? That “sequel” wasn’t exactly well received by audiences. I wonder how this will work?

What do you think about McFarlane’s take on a darker Oz film?