robert downey jr jon favreau reunite for cowboys and aliens

Robert Downey, Jr. and Jon Favreau just can’t stay away from each other. The Iron Man duo are teaming up for another epic project, and I’m not talking about Iron Man 3. According to THR, the actor and director will both be a part of the upcoming sci-fi western, Cowboys & Aliens. Favreau is an actor, writer, and producer so what position will his play in this film?

Downey has been attached to the DreamWorks production since 2008, and now it appears that Favreau may be on board to direct. Cowboys & Aliens “explores what would happen if traditional Old West enemies, cowboys and American Indians, found the prairie attacked by aliens in mid-1800s Arizona.” As if the this current development wasn’t enough, the script for the film will be rewritten by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who also serve as executive producers on the project.

Downey, Favreau, Kurtzman, and Orci seem like a match made in heaven. The only downside here is that the two writers have been known to throw a monkey wrench or two into some major films. I’m mostly referring to their work on Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, the script for that movie was horrible! But they also did Star Trek and some work on ABC’s Lost, so let’s hope their good out weighs their bad. Production on the Cowboys & Aliens is scheduled to begin sometime next year.

What do you think of Downey and Favreau reuniting for Cowboys & Aliens?