fantastic mr fox featurette

A great behind the scenes look at Wes Anderson‘s upcoming feature Fantastic Mr. Fox has hit the web. The film stars Oscar winners George Clooney and Meryl Streep, as well as Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman in a comedy that uses good old fashioned stop-motion animation in place of the ever popular CGI. The video below gives us an in depth look at the filmmaking process for this project, which I must admit it looks awesome!

The video is narrated by co-star Jason Schwartzman and highlights the artistic genius’ that worked together to create the world within the film. The overall story centers on Mr. Fox as he deals with the selfish behavior of three men whom he steals food from to feed his family. Technically, he’s the bad guy but with a bit of help from Anderson, we root for him in spite of his flaws.

The featurette also gives some insight into the amount of detail that went into making the set pieces for Mr. Fox. Each puppet took weeks to create and each comes complete with their individual costumes.

Check out George Clooney running wild on a farm while recording his vocals. It turns out when Wes Anderson says he wants the real deal, he means the real deal!

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What do you think of the behind the scenes look at Fantastic Mr. Fox?