newmoon early ticket sales

Move over Avatar, The Twilight Saga: New Moon has some early tickets available for their die hard fans too! According to THR, “Twihards” everywhere will be able to purchase tickets for the midnight screening of the film more than two months before its initial release. Let the craziness begin!

Following AMC’s early Avatar ticket sales, Carmike Cinemas has decided to allow fans to purchase passes to the midnight November 19th performances of New Moon at select theaters through Fandango. Tickets will be offered at 63 theaters listed on the online ticketer’s website. At the moment a spokesperson stated that it was too early to tell how fast or how well the tickets are selling.

Typically early movie tickets go on sale no earlier than 6 weeks before the film’s release. Avatar and New Moon obviously said screw that rule! I can only assume the amount of traffic Fandango will receive once the word has fully spread throughout the Twilight community. I hope the site doesn’t get bogged down from too much traffic.

Are you interested in buying your New Moon movie passes two months in advance?