It seems as if all the other major studios are coming out of the woodwork with official statements regarding the Disney-Marvel merger. According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount Studios has chimed in with their two cents on the matter. Back in 2005 Paramount and Marvel set up a lucrative distribution deal including the properties Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. After today’s announcement what will become of their agreement?

In the official statement released by Paramount Pictures, the company made it clear where their relationship with Marvel stands.

“Paramount Pictures has enjoyed a productive and fruitful relationship with Marvel Studios from the start of our distribution agreement in 2005,” the statement began. “So much so, we announced a five-picture slate distribution deal last year which includes worldwide distribution rights for upcoming films: Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and Iron Man 3. This distribution deal will be unaffected by today’s transaction. We look forward to continuing to work with Marvel and, with today’s announcement, to working with Disney to replicate the incredible success of Iron Man on all our future collaborative projects.”

So there you have it. Like most major business transactions, there are several contracts that have to expire before Disney can make changes to anything. All the films involved with The Avengers collaboration look to be safe for now. I’m just waiting for an official statement from Fox regarding any upcoming X-Men films being effected by Disney. But then again, wouldn’t any other studio do a better job with that franchise than Fox?

Are you happy that the upcoming Avengers properties won’t be effected by the Disney merger?