guillermo del toro developing deadman

I know a lot of you are asking yourselves, “Who is Deadman, and what does Guillermo del Toro have to do with him?” Deadman is a DC comic property about a hero, whose superpower in a nutshell is that he’s dead. OK, that’s not all he has going for himself, but that’s the overall idea. According to Screenrant the award winning del Toro is producing a live action adaptation of the comic for the big screen, and he’s already found a director.

Deadman will be produced for Warner Bros Studio, and directed by Nikolaj Arcel. Here’s a brief description of the character:

Deadman is a circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand, who dresses up in a red suit and white makeup to perform under the stage name, Deadman. When Brand is murdered while performing his act, his spirit is held over by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna, who endows Brand’s ghost with the ability to possess living bodies. Rama Kushna’s decree: for Brand to use his new powers to hunt down his murderer(s) and obtain justice.

As you can see, he can do some cool stuff other than just being dead. The film is being compared to the likes of The Crow and del Toro’s own Hellboy. I think this is a great project for del Toro to stand behind, because he knows how to bring lesser known comic heroes to the masses. I was vaguely familiar with Hellboy before the film came out, and the same situation stands with Deadman. This project has the potential to be a cult hit if executed the right way.

What do you think of Guillermo del Toro producing Deadman?