fox fantastic four reboot

Every major film studio seems to be staking claim to their Marvel stock. After Disney’s merger with the comic company it feels like everyone else has been put on notice. Marvel pimped out several of its characters to all the majors including Sony, Paramount and Fox. Paramount has already spoken up about their future with the company, and now Fox has broken their silence.

It’s very ironic that in the Paramount post I stated that Fox would release something sooner or later, and now they have. According to Variety, Fox has decided to reinforce their claim on the Marvel property Fantastic Four. There had already been loose talk of a darker, reboot of the franchise taking place in the future, but we hadn’t heard much beyond that. Now, “coincidentally” the film is a hot topic again, and is getting fast tracked by the studio.

Fox has already hired a writer, Michael Green, a man who knows a thing or two about superheroes. He’s the co-executive producer of the NBC series Heroes, as well as a co-writer for the upcoming Warner Bros film, Green Lantern. Fox controls Fantastic Four as long as they continue making films featuring the characters. The same arrangement stands for the Marvel Comics properties X-Men, Daredevil, and Silver Surfer.

What have we learned today? Even though all the studios have put out formal statements regarding their relationships with Marvel, underneath it all they’re scared sh*tless.

What do you think about Fox’s decision to reboot the Fantastic Four franchise so quickly?